Hello Guys


A very special Thanks to #Element14, #Arduino and other Sponsors’ for the Challenger’s Kit.

I received my kit on 15th July. Here are some photos on unboxing the Challenger’s Kit.


The Challenger's Kit

Image 1 : The Challenger's Kit

Arduino MKR1000 Dev Board

Image 2 : Arduino MKR1000 Dev Board

Arduino Shield

Image 3 : SD Card Shield, Arduino MKR1000 & UNO Shield Interface Adapter Board

Ultrasonic Sensor and other peripherals

Image 4: Ultrasonic Sensor and other peripherals 


Apart from these, the Flex Sensor & Hand Gloves will be part of my design that plays a key role. I am waiting to receive these parts to kickstart the design.


Stay Tuned

Will be back with Project Plan soon!