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For my 3rd blog I will be showing my working braille finger pad. There will be more to the final setup but this shows how well it works. I ended out getting 6 miniature actuators to create the braille pins. It goes back to my original idea of using electromagnets. In this demo I used an Arduino Uno which will be changed out for the one supplied in the kit. As a note; I won't do an unboxing of the kit as other competitors will be doing this and I didn't want to repeat the blogs.


Below are pictures of the Braille finger pad:





The video attached is of the working braille pad. I will upload the code later as I would like to see who can figure out what the braille pad is spelling out. Please comment if you know!!



While making the Braille Pad I learned a lot about reading Braille. The average Braille reading speed is 125 words/ min and speeds have been recorded up to 200 words/min. So to put this into an easier way to understand (For myself anyway) that would be roughly 10 letters per second or my video cut down to 1 second since there were 10 letters. So my Braille pad has to be sped up a lot to reach the 125 WPM. This won't be the case as Braille has 2 levels, the higher level uses some abbreviations for common words to make reading faster. I will be researching this as I want to learn more about Braille.


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As always I welcome all feedback and comments or ideas.