Welcome to our third blog post! This is just a quick update about our successful setup of SD card using SD Proto Shield and WiFi on Arduino MKR1000.


The aim of this setup was to test the SD Proto Shield along with the WiFi connectivity of the MKR1000. The shield was installed on the MKR1000, and the standard ReadWrite sketch of SD card library was uploaded to the Arduino via USB. The results found are posted below -


Next up we tested the WiFi functionality along with SD card by creating a program to connect with WiFi and write its details into the SD card.


Details of WiFi connection were written onto the SD card in a file called "wifidet.txt" -


Hence we successfully tested the SD card and WiFi functionalities, required in our project to save images taken by the camera into the SD card and transmitted from there via WiFi to the cloud. Further progress to be published shortly.


Thank you for reading this blog. The next blog will be up soon!