Hello all,

It has been a busy week with me researching the ability to implement touch screen buttons.

I have found code on how to create a button area, detect touch in that area and display it out on the terminal.

I need this button to look like what it needs to be such as an icon for a couch for break, an iPad and other things.

I downloaded FastStone Photo Resizer for when I get the image files I need in the right format.


The situation I face is that since I do not have a working SD card reader at this time, I am looking into trying to use the EEPROM built in the board to host the images in hexadecimal format and use them in an array.

Still researching that option right now....


As far as the audio portion of this device, I ordered the Adafruit "Music Maker" MP3 Shield for Arduino w/3W Stereo Amp - v1.0 PID: 1788.

I did this so I could record audio files and store that locally on the attached SD card reader.

I did this because I like the ability to play WAV, MP3 or other formats of files and it can hold up to 64Gig or higher memory cards.

This also has two hardware outputs for speakers that I have waiting to be connected.


Since I am using hardware SPI for the devices I have, I can then address this MP3 device along with the RA8875 and the MKR2UNO device.

I will also be adding a 20mm coin cell breakout board for a CD2032 battery to see how this helps power the MP3 shield and the MKR1000. Need this to be portable.


Time to get back to work on the display buttons.