For my 4th blog I will be showing how I attached the motors to drive the robot as well as the wiring I started for the Arduino.


For the motors, I picked up a couple of kits with gears so I can get the speed down and torque up. The gear ratio is 505 to 1.



The motors will be driven by 2 - 3.7v batteries and the Arduino will be powered by a 5v battery pack.

The motor controller is set up as per the picture below (Picture is from the Electronics Hub). Followed by photos of how I have it set up. The motors aren't connected to the driver yet, that will be the weekend project.







So far the chassis has changed in design. I changed it from 4 wheels to 3. I found this is more efficient and will have better control for the user.


My next step in this project will be hooking up the motors, doing a test run then setting up the ultrasonic sensors. I plan that to be my next blog.


I hope you enjoyed this update


Dale W


PS - The answer to the question on my previous blog is "Hello world" in braille.