Hello everyone!


I received my Adafruit MP3 Shield yesterday late and was able to solder the connectors and test my Wav files! Worked like a champ with the speakers I took from a broken laptop.


I also was able to finish the boxes on the TFT display as the place holder for the images that will be displayed this past week since I last updated!


Tomorrow, I will work on touch button options for each box place holder. I have the dimensions and coordinates for each box that will be on the screen.


I will also put image files on the SD card then test out the SD card reader on the MP3 player. If I can access that then I don’t have to worry about converting to Hexadecimal and writing to the eeprom. I will just reference image 1 for the first spot and image 2 for the next one and so on. I formatted each image to fit within the boxes so they should all be fine.


I will see if JPG is smaller than PNG and go with the smaller size files.


I am also going to incorporate the ADXL335 accelerometer that was supplied so I could detect when my son picks up the device and that will send a signal to wake up the device. I am going to research how I can make this go down to low power mode to save on power.


I wasnt feeling too good today but I pressed through once the migraine subsided!


I will update soon with images, code and part numbers!