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     This blog provides an overview of the Amazon Alexa app, how to connect it with an Alexa enabled device (Echo Dot) and change the device's language. This is a part of the blog -  Cue System for Anosmia and Smart WheelChair #5 - Exploring Amazon Alexa.




     The video below gives an overview of the Amazon Alexa app and explains how to connect your Alexa enabled device with the app and change its language as well. The Alexa enabled device used is the Amazon Echo Dot. You can use your own Alexa enabled device to follow along with the instructions.



Alexa App - Explained


     Install Alexa from your Play Store (or) App Store. The Home Page is the place where you get recommendations for questions which you can ask Alexa and the recent history of questions you have asked  Alexa. Along with this, you have the below buttons/ options:


    • Menu - This provides more options like 'Music & Books', 'Lists', 'Contacts', 'Skills' etc.
    • Home - This takes you to the home page.
    • SMS & Calls - This provides the ability to send and receive SMS and make calls through the Alexa.
    • Alexa - This provides the ability to use Alexa voice-service in the app in your phone, without the need of an additional Alexa enabled device.
    • Now Playing - This shows the currently playing playlist of music and related things.
    • Settings - This allows you to view and modify the settings of your Alexa app and connected device.



How to Set up a new Device


     1. Log in using your Amazon account email and credentials in the Alexa app. Then confirm your name and click continue to proceed.

     Note: You can enter your phone number for sending and receiving SMS and Calls. You can skip this if not needed.


     2. Click 'Settings' and then click 'Set up a new Device'.


     3. Select the desired device which needs to be set up. In this case, it will be Echo Dot.


    4. Change the language to 'English (United States)'. This is so that Alexa service will work irrespective of your geographical location.


     5. Follow on-screen instructions to complete the device set up.

     Note: You can confirm your device set up by finding it under 'Set up a new Device' button in the settings. You can also see the device's connection status.


How to Change Language


     You can either set the language while setting up a new device as shown above (or) You can go to ' Settings ' and change the language under ' Language '.