Hello everyone,


First, I would like to thank everyone who has been following, reading and leaving feedback. This competition is so important for everyone involved, I hope it will help many people.


This blog is to do with assembling the SeeingEyeduino. In the past week I have made up most of the remaining parts for my project. The Braille finger pad was the most important part of this project. Below are pictures of where I am at, I will explain each photo and give details. If there is anything you have questions, comments or ideas on, please leave a reply. Every little bit helps!!


Please ignore the Monopoly coffee table I took the photos on....... I made it!!



Below is the ultrasonic sensor attached to the servo to check for obstacles ahead.



I attached the Arduino to a breadboard  to make it easier for attaching the wiring. On the other end of the breadboard is the L298 IC motor controller (This may or may not be used at this time as I will probably not be using the drive motors)



Here I have the battery slot to run the Braille pad. It take a 18650 3.7v battery. I also added in a power switch, this will be moved to where you hold onto the SeeingEyeduino for easy access.



As you can see in the next picture I have the handle and Braille pad. Since I don't have a 3d printer I made it out of wood. The actuators go 1/2 mm above the face of the pad. This makes it a comfortable height.



My project is coming close to being finished. Below is a list of what I have left to complete:


  • Rear ultrasonic sensor
  • Complete the coding
  • Test run to make sure everything works as expected
  • Add any extras that may come up for improvement


Thank you for reading


Dale W