Hello all

I completed my project! Here are two photos of the devices used in this project.

1. MKR1000 (Arduino Board included in KIT

2. ADXL335EB (Tilt Sensor - included in KIT)

3. HC-SR04 (Ultrasonic Sensor - included in KIT)

4. RA8875 (Video Module - Adafruit Item 1590)

5. 5" Touch Screen display  (Adafruit Item 1596)

6. MP3 Player Music Shield (Adafruit Item 1788)

7. Arduino UNO

8. Jumper Wires (included in KIT)

9. USB cables for both the UNO and MKR1000 (USB cable included for MKR1000 in KIT)

Image of MKR100 with the ADXL335EB and HC-SR04 Ultrasonic SensorUNO with RA8875 and VS1053 as well as the touch screen display to show the buttons and speakers



Also, if anyone knows where to submit this for the Competition, please let me know so I can make sure it is submitted on time!



As a side note, the SD Proto Shield never worked out of the box. I tried touching the solder points but it didn't help, I researched about it on different forums and found out that there were a batch of these that were defective and needed to be replaced.

That is why I purchased and used the VS1053 MP3 Player with SD shield attached and it worked just fine!


Video of my project!