Blog #10A Project Summary


With this challenge coming to an end I wanted to do a summary of my project. Below I have created a side by side comparison of guide dogs vs the Seeing EyeDuino. I also have included the cost of creating the project. At the end I wrote down my final thoughts.


Arduino MKR1000                $64.00

Ultrasonic sensors                $9.88 x 2

Bread board                          $11.00

Servo’s                                 $9.22 x 3

Actuators                              $5.95 x 6

LED lights                             $0.40 x 8

Wheels and Msc.                  $30.00

On/Off switch                        $1.25

Wire                                      $5.00


Total Cost                             $197.57 CDN




Seeing Eye dog VS Seeing EyeDuino
Side by side comparison
Seeing Eye dog

Seeing EyeDuino

Seeing-eye   dogs are specially trained to act as the eyes for their people, who are
visually impaired and have trouble or are unable to see the world for   themselves.
Same as the Seeing EyeDuino


Seeing-eye   dogs start training at a young age before they have a chance to pick up bad


The Seeing EyeDuino doesn't need
  training and won't pick up bad habits.

Each   seeing-eye dog’s potential person must finish training with their dog so they   are well bonded.There will be training involved with the Seeing EyeDuino. This process should only take a few hours.
Remember   that seeing-eye dogs aren’t just a tool their person uses to navigate the  world, they are also very loving and dedicated friends!The Seeing EyeDuino is just a   tool, but I guess they could be a friend...
When a   seeing-eye dog is wearing his harness that means he’s working and his full attention should be focused on what he is doing to help his person.Same as the Seeing EyeDuino
We shouldn’t interrupt or pet a seeing-eye dog when he’s at work because it may distract him from his job or prevent him from working as hard. No worry about people petting   the Seeing EyeDuino.
Even if a seeing-eye dog’s person gives the command to cross the street, a trained seeing-eye dog will refuse if it is unsafe.To a point the Seeing EyeDuino does the same, but the operator can over ride this.
If a store or restaurant’s policy does not allow dogs, seeing-eye dogs are still able to go along anywhere his person goes!Same as the Seeing EyeDuino
7-10 years is the normal career span for a seeing-eye dog, and then they inevitably age and they need to retire, just like everyone else.Unsure of the Seeing EyeDuino's lifespan but with technology changing constantly an upgrade every year would be probable.
The dog must bond with his owner, and they must form a relationship. The dogs work for their owner’s praise and affectionNo bonding or praise required with the Seeing EyeDuino needed.
Guide dog trainers consider a breed's characteristics when pairing dogs with people, and they pair more active breeds with active people.Seeing EyeDuino's are all the same, no breed difference.
A guide dog is not a GPS, and he cannot read traffic signals.Funny that the Seeing EyeDuino could be equiped with a GPS
The dog’s job is to look out for hazards and obstacles that the blind person cannot detect, such as a blocked pathSame as the Seeing EyeDuino
Guide dogs can bring a great sense of independence to their handlers.The Seeing EyeDuino will do the same.
Guide Dogs are matched to their owners based on a number of factors, such as size, pace and temperament.The Seeing EyeDuino won't have to be matched to the owner
Guide dogs make it easier to get around, resulting in the person getting more exercise or walking moreSame as the Seeing EyeDuino
The animals may also lead to increased interaction with other people.The Seeing EyeDuino may do the same
Animals are seen as “ice breakers” to a conversation with something to talk about.Same
In many cases, guide dogs offer a life changing experience. I hope the same with the Seeing EyeDuino
The animal directs the right path, instead of poking around wondering if you might bump into something. The Seeing EyeDuino does the same
Getting from point A to point B using a guide dog is much faster and saferSame
•Walking in a straight line without sniffing.All are the same for the Seeing EyeDuino
•Avoiding spaces too narrow for a person and a dog to walk through side by side.
•Boarding and traveling on all forms of public transportation.
•Taking a person to a elevator.
•Laying quietly for some time, particular at a workspace or in restaurants.
•Refusing commands that may lead their person into danger
The average cost to breed, raise, care for and train a guide dog is $50,000.00.The cost of the Seeing EyeDuino is $197.57



Final thoughts


This challenge has been very rewarding. For everyone involved, designing something to help others, there couldn’t be anything more rewarding. I want to thank our sponsor Arduino; this wouldn’t have been possible without you. I also want to thank Element14 and the community for all your support, without everyone this wouldn’t be possible. My project is to help the seeing impaired get around easier. I came up with the idea one evening while I was thinking about this challenge. I had a few ideas; the main one I was thinking about was to do with my handicap. I suffer from CNS Hypersomnia, a very severe sleep disorder. I had a couple of ideas for projects but decided against proposing them. This challenge is about helping others. I have relatives with sight problems so I decided to go in that direction. I started to read about being seeing impaired and found that the wait list for a guide dog can be quite long. I thought how I can help. It came to me suddenly, a robotic Seeing Eye dog!!


My creation the Seeing EyeDuino suddenly came to be my project. The Seeing EyeDuino is not meant to replace a Seeing Eye dog, but to help those waiting to get their guide dog. If someone needs a guide dog and has to wait a year, they can use the Seeing EyeDuino until they receive their dog. The Guide Dogs are incredible and the training involved is priceless. The trainers dedicate their time to help others all year around, I just spent 2 months. I am hoping my contribution will help, I feel it is a good concept, fairly easy to duplicate and inexpensive. In closing, I want to thank everyone involved in the training and commitment they have with Guide Dogs. I also have to express my respect for the Guide Dogs as well. They commit their lives to helping others (If only everyone could do that).


Thank you,


Dale Winhold