Hi everyone,


Below is a video of my working project. Sorry for it not being in a crowded area but I couldn't go to far for the past few days. Unfortunately Chrystal (my daughter) and I, on our way to work were in a serious car accident the other day. I had some minor injuries but Chrystal didn't get so lucky. She won't be returning to work for a bit as she has to spend time healing. Is it possible to create something to stop people from going through red lights?


Our car..


I didn't talk through the video as it is now 3am and I don't want to wake anyone up, but it shows everything that is required. I used a foam envelope to simulate something or someone in the way. You can see I have an on/off switch for the braille pad. You can also see the lights light up in the direction of the blocked path. I am very proud of what I created as I hope one day it will help many seeing impaired.


Code error corrected:

Last week it drove me crazy trying to figure out why it wasn't working. The ultrasonic sensors were not  giving me the right feedback. I found my error after hours of head scratching, then it was more time slapping myself for missing it.

Error: distanceR= durationA*0.034/2; //Distance in mm

Correction: distanceR= durationA*0.34/2; //Distance in mm

Silly error, I had it calculate to CM so when it took the distance and my parameters were 150 to 300 I meant mm not cm. This caused the Seeing EyeDuino to alert you if something was 1.5 to 3 meters away.


Here is the video:



I want to thank our sponsor Arduino, Element14, the Element14 community and my family for helping make my project come to life!!


Dale Winhold