Once upon a time

Deep in the forest is a small cottage owned by a timeless couple, Hans and Matilda who are doomed never to meet. When it is wet he goes outside but when it is dry she must leave the house. They lived a happy life in their cottage however and had regular visitors who were interested to know what they could tell them about the weather.


The storm


One night there was a terrible storm and Matilda was scared and hid in the back of the cottage. Outside Hans was transfixed as the torrents of rain washed around him. Just before dawn when the storm was at it's wildest the lightening struck. Fire raged around the house and their old fashioned temperature and humidity sensors were destroyed.


Help was at hand


Luckily Hans and Matilda has insured their house with a policy from Premier Farnell. As Hans was reading the conditions he was pleased to see that it was a new for old policy and they would have their sensors and displays replaced with modern electronic components. It was not going to be an easy challenge however as they had to complete all of the work themselves by Friday, 26th June or their policy would be void. Matilda wrote up a plan of action and put together a shopping list of parts not covered by Farnell.


The Wolf


Nearby in the forest lived a wolf, he danced with glee as he heard about the disaster that had befallen the enchanted cottage. He'd been selling weather reports to the locals and Hans and Matilda's service was costing him dear. He planned to setup a fake weather server and provide the wrong information hence discrediting our weather telling couple.




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