Chrystal and I would like to thank all the sponsors, Element14 and everyone involved for choosing us to compete in this challenge.


Our enchanted clock is going to be very special. The clock is going to be hand made by Chrystal and myself, all made from wood (recycled wood). All the working parts are going to be made from wood as well (Gears, hands, weights etc.) I am a cabinetmaker by trade and need a new challenge so building a wooden clock fit right into this challenge perfectly.


The clock will be enchanted beyond imagination, this will include:

  • A humidity regulator for the clock - Wood clocks only work for around 9 months a year due to the seasons cause the wood to move. Since the gears are hand fitted and made of wood, when the wood expands and contracts with humidity it causes the clock to stop. With a humidity regulator it will keep this from happening.
  • Wood clocks usually lose or gain time due to imperfections -This will be corrected twice a day automatically
  • You can't have an enchanted clock without voice control - To dark to see the time? Just ask -  A little cold in the room? Ask the clock to turn up the temperature - Need lights on? Just ask... oops, dad's sleeping, the clock will only turn the lights on dim as not to wake him.
  • The clock will know if no one is in the room and turn the lights off to save energy.
  • Forgot to wind the weights? Don't worry it will be done for you.
  • Need to check on the house while away? Check your phone and ask the clock for information (Encrypted of coarse)


Below is a flow chart of the way this will work:


Clock flow.jpg



About us:


Chrystal is my 14 year old daughter and loves to be a part of my projects. She knows some programming and is very artistic. Her greatest passion is the environment and school. My wife and son (12) are the moral support and give ideas a well as encouragement. I am a cabinetmaker (28 years) and also do network security testing and programming (strange combination). An industrial accident 4 years ago limited my cabinetmaking a bit but I still love my job (I have to say, I am paid for my hobby, it can't get better then that!!)


Thank you again,

Chrystal and Dale


Any questions, comments or ideas please ask!!