This week we received a welcoming parcel from Element14!! The parcel contained, Atmel SAMA5D4 Xplained Ultra, Arduino RGB LED Lighting Shield, Arduino DC Motor Control Shield  and the Arduino Workshop Livello Kit. We are still waiting for a couple of items but this is a great start, nothing will be holding us up.


I have started on making the clock. I am using plans purchased from Clayton Boyer Clock Designs ("The Simplicity"), I have had them for years now. This will be quite a project as there are many gears to produce.




Above are just the start of some of the gears required. I am using 1/4" and 1/2" Baltic Birch for most parts, the rest will be made from solid wood.

Below is a picture of the clock that I am building (Completed - The picture is from the internet (I didn't build this) it's to give you the idea of how it will look when complete)




I have purchased an Arduino shield for voice recognition to integrate speech into our project. I have been working on code for this part, still in the early stages. Start with lots of testing.

Right now I am just taking a break from working with the SAMA5D4 and getting this all figured out how it will come together.

Chrystal is sick right now and hasn't helped with the project yet. She is looking very forward to submitting some of the Blogs and letting everyone know what she has been doing.


Thank you all so much,


Chrystal and Dale Winhold