Hi everyone


So my proposal for an enchanted objects is a Mirror, but just not an ordinary one...


The intention is to produce a marriage of an Infinity Mirror, a 23" ish LCD panel and a series of sensors and internet connected IOT feeds both providing and using the cloud to provide local weather on the mirror as well as possibly reminders, a video feed of people coming to the front door so you can see before you open it and of course the LEDs of the infinity mirror can adjust colours based on the weather, orange for warm, blue for cold, red for blistering hot, and other effects for Rain etc. Time permitting I will also be adding to the scope of the Mirror by having it interact with other household objects, but ill keep that a surprise


It will be having sensors inside the house and outside in order to detect the required events and if I am able to figure out a few things, perhaps facial recognition or voice so that you can ask questions of a few topics


Now this initial post is regarding a proof of concept to see if the approach im using will work for the infinity mirror before I commit the LCD and other much more expensive items to the tools


The Mirror film I have is from Home Depot here in Canada


and is intended for use with Glass, not Plexy or Acrylic so I need to now if it will work. Also an infinity mirror normally has a full back mirror and a two way front mirror, I need to use two 2 way mirrors as the LCD will be behind the mirror and need to shine through when displays are needed


Here is how an Infinity Mirror is supposed to work, the observer looking toward the darker side will see a reflection of themselves and the emitted LED light, in this case there will also be the light from the LCD panel

Mine will be 50% on the back too as I need to have an LCD screen behind it


I have produced this intro video that also demonstrates a proof of concept for the infinity mirror