"That” said Matilda, "is not good". Hans looked nervously over the top of Network Security for dummies. He knew that tone of voice and the daughter of a miner is not one to be trifled with.


Matilda held up her mechanism and Hans saw the distinct arc transcribed onto the paper. "Oh" he said.


Several hours later, later the floor was deep in cardboard scraps and scrumpled paper. Matilda looked despondent. "Perhaps the Historical society might be able to help” suggested Hans.


The next morning Matilda headed up the back stairs of the town hall. There, behind the reference library was a small door marked "Historical society”. Behind the small door was a small room piled high with boxes and papers. On a desk she saw the model locomotive from the faire. "Can I help" asked a voice from behind the model. A bespectacled man's face popped up from under the desk. Matilda explained her predicament. "Ah yes" said the man, ”that's a problem engine designers took years to crack. It wrecks the engine efficiency to the point we could not get our model to run". He pointed to a small electric motor attached to the bottom of the model. "Go next door to the reference library and ask for a book on Watt's Linkage” he suggested.




Matilda returned home with a spring in her step and a book under her arm. She quickly made a model of the linkage and confirmed it did indeed generate the desired motion. She silently thanked Mr Watt for his fantastic solution.


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