The Woodcutter


Matilda needed some wood for the house extension so she set off through the forest to visit the woodcutter. She found him in a clearing formed by trees that had fallen in the same storm that had damaged the enchanted cottage. "Several trees fell during the storm" said the woodcutter, "but I did not hear them". The wood cutter pointed to the young sapling amongst the fallen trees. "The sapling bends with the wind but the oak breaks" he said. Matilda thought maybe the woodcutter spent a bit too much time on his own.


Matilda showed the wood cutter her plans for the basement and rear extension to the enchanted cottage.


The woodcutter set about one of the fallen trees and soon had it converted into planks for Matilda's design, she helped him load the into the cart and then headed off to see the blacksmith


The Blacksmith

Matilda always liked visiting the Cel the blacksmith as it was always nice and warm in his shop. She showed Cel the plans for the Watt's linkage and the he set about making the first parts.


When the tested them the pins were too weak and one snapped off. They both cursed at the wasted time and discussed an alternative. Their second attempt was successful and used a hardened screw to re-enforce the joint.


Matilda redesign all of the parts to work this way and left the plans with the Blacksmith who set about making them.


There were a few changes to the parts over the next few hours but eventually Matilda has a set of components she was happy with.


By the time she had returned home, Hans had finished the repairs to the roof


{gallery:width=300,height=400}Roof repairs


Roof Glue up


Roof battens


Roof back on

The next job for Matilda was to put the parts into motion and her thoughts thoughts returned to the words of the woodcutter. Perhaps she thought, rather than directly connecting the servo to her mechanism she could use a springy sapling. Then if anything locked up the sapling would flex rather than causing the servo or mechanism to break.


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