Today was the arrival of the Arduino Yun, thank you very much to all our sponsors.


So Chrystal and I have been busy cutting out a clock and programming the Arduino and LED cape. In order for the clock to keep time we are going to have a sensor detect the minute hand gear for correct 1 hour per revolution. If the hands are out more then 2 minutes it will be corrected by the arduino connected to the servo. We also connected 3 ultrasound sensors to check for movement in the room. If the distance to the couch without anyone on it (say 12 ft) is sensing a distance of 10 ft 8 in, the arduino will consider that it is occupied. if that distance doesn't change more then 1" in 10 minutes it will figure the occupant is sleeping and turn down the lights. We also are using one to check the height of the person standing in front of the clock and call them by name. Chrystal thought this would be an enchantin idea to add. There is a lot more to update with photos which will come tomorrow.


A quick question to everyone, is the SAMA5D4 xplained not very well explained? I can't find anything that isn't a demo. I have been going crazy to come up with a useable OS for it, I am even trying to create my own, but time is the problem. Is there any non-demo OS available? Hacking the files got nowhere, I do require direction with this. I am not new to development boards, but this is got me baffelled. I have created a Beowulf cluster from RPi's, changed the RPi to run the gpio's from Scratch language for my kids. Any advice on non-demo software?


Thank you all,

Chrystal and Dale Winhold