We're halfway through the story. It's time to close chapter 2.


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Sound and Light


In chapter 1 I turned a broken vintage turntable into a working one. The defect AC motor was thrown out and replaced by a microcontroller driven one.
This turns the table into an autonomous device that knows how fast it should pin. It adapts its behavior to that knowledge.

That is a tactical change - from defect to working.

But a first enchantment is achieved. The table still looks the same as the day it was built, but under the hood - invisible to the eye - it has a brain ...


And in this chapter, the table became visible enchanted.

I added a speed indicator. This 3-LED mini-module listens to the speed regulator and shows what it's doing. Read chapter 3 for the higher power plans with this module and the Infineon RGB shield.




Next was the light organ. This is fully implemented in firmware. It uses Fast Fourier Transform to analyze bass, middle and treble parts of the signal.

It's also an autonomous module

At this moment, the organ drives three LEDs - and that is going to stay like that, but once more: read chapter 3 for the higher power plans with this module and the Infineon RGB shield.




Servo Enchantment


I added a mechanical arm to the organ.


Photo 25-04-15 09 52 23.jpg


The arm has a sole (autonomous ) responsibility to hide the light organ inside the belly of the table. The light organ asks the motor to pop op when it feels like animating the scene.

That's how the whole enchanting set-up is done. All options can be removed or plugged in as desired. The whim of the day can have an impact on the table.




And as a preparation for the next chapter, I've started to make some more space under the turntable.

I'll have to check if this impacts the strength of the case. First tests are promising.




Photo 25-04-15 10 19 03.jpgPhoto 25-04-15 10 21 52.jpg



side story: why do you see photos from another turntable in this post?


Because I fixed that this month.


Photo 25-04-15 09 55 13.jpg

A lady asked my wife if I could fix her 1964 Philips console. It's a tube radio and amplifier with an automatic changer turntable.

The radio worked but the turntable was defect. A good working (but newer,  lower in the food chain) changer from 1970 had to offer its life to fix the console.

That's how it goes in enchanted stories. They are often hard and violent. The life of looser isn't worth much in the fairy-tale world if it's not Walt Disney who writes the script.



(in total 20 minutes of video. Still well below peteroakes' average )




Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Fix the turntable
1: Perpetuum Ebner Musical 1
2: A Time to Kill and a Time to Heal
3: Preparation for Motor Drive
4: Motor control with Infineon Motor Shield and Arduino UNO
5: Turntable speed sample testbed with Arduino UNO
6: Turntable Speed Sensor design
7: Control Theory - End of Chapter 1
Chapter 2: First Enchantments
8: Digital Light Organ Enchantment
9: Autonomous Servo Lift
10: SMD Time - Solder the IR Speed Sensor PCB
11: Yelp - who can Help me to Compile and Run my First SAMA5D4 C Program
12: Son et Lumiere - End of Chapter 2
Chapter 3: Taming the Board
13: Breakthrough - Run my own C++ Program on the SAMA5D4
14: Digital Light Organ Input Buffer
15: SAMA5D4 Blinky
16: Scope Creep
17: Audio Sampling with 16-bit ADC ADS8343
18: Sending Files to SAMA5D4 over USB
19: Port my Light Organ from Arduino to SAMA5D4
20: Fast Fourier Transform on the SAMA5D4 - End of Chapter 3
Epilogue: Reaching for the Clouds
21: Right-Sizing my Plans
22: My Own C++ Buffered Sampler on the SAMA5D4
23: Building In the Motorized Light Organ
24: Up to the Clouds with Yún
25: Publish or Perish
26: Turntable Finished
Stretch & Boni
Bonus 1a: Remote Light Organ with WiFI pt. 1
Bonus 1b: Remote Light Organ with WiFI pt. 2
Grande Finale: Paho MQTT Client on the SAMA5D4
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