Unfortunately I have gotten stuck on my project and stuffed the genie back in his lamp for a short while. I am currently working with the Infineon RGB Shield and have run into multiple issues. I am trying to run a single 5mm Red LED with it. I realize that the bulb needs to be rated for 300mA, thats why I am using resistors to allow for the 20mA LED not to burn out. I am driving it with a 9V battery, yet I realize that the rating is for 12V-48V, and this may be my issue. I am running into some mysterious magic, and I am beginning to believe that my genie has placed a curse on me. I am reading 4V-4.5V output and across the resistor, but 8V across the LED, along with the fact it will not light up unless I touch the leads of my multimeter while trying to measure the resistance, AND apparently there is no current throughout the circuit. I have bought a 300mA rated LED and am waiting on my low impact CFL to arrive, but I was trying to run test codes with a simple LED for an update. Unfortunately this has been a larger obstacle than presumed originally. But luckily I am a persistent competitor and will not let this unfortunate setback stop me from finishing this amazing opportunity.