So the genie decided that it would be fun to start learning how to use new tools and build things instead of tiring himself out with using all of his magic. He hopped out of his cramped and cluttered lamp and decided he would need an area to store some of his items so that he had more space in his lamp. He decided to build a shed. But so it would look nice, no matter the surrounding he also decided to use a color that went well with all styles, white (*cough* ivory). He slaved for 5 hours and 11 minutes building it. But when it was over he was pleased with the results and immediately began moving items in.


                                                     The roof and the floor separated


                                                          Together, but empty


                                                                   Perfect fit!


                                                    My first ever 3D print!


I apologize for the funky orientations but I can't seem to rotate them in here. Also I still need to drill holes in the four corners so the top can be screwed in to the bottom piece!