The week was full of rain and clouds for the poor genie all week. Unable to leave his house and make any progress on the things that needed to get done, due to the unfortunate consequences of doing your electrical work in the rain, but today the sun peeked out from behind the clouds and shone with the brightness of 2000-2500 lumen. It was magnificent! However, shortly after its arrival, the clouds took over again . But while the sun was out the genie made headway on his electrical wiring of his sweet new crib. He set the power supply to roughly thirty volts and tested out his lights to see if they worked.


And it worked! How excited the genie was! This was a huge step in the right direction with the build of his new pad. Now all that was needed to be done was wire it all up to his sweet new dimmer and you could call him Xzibit Jr.


WAIT! There is no light!!!! What in the world is going on? No explosions, check. No fire or smoke, check. Then what? The genie checked the voltage coming out and the light intensity and found:


But that doesn’t make sense! 30 Volts in and only a 100th of that out? How could this be? The genie has yet to figure this out, but he will be working diligently over the weekend to figure out a solution!