Matilda does not see the light

When Matilda tested the temperature status LED it was clear that it was not going to be visible from outside the cottage. The dark cottage interior sapped away the struggling coloured lumens. However, Matilda spotted that the LED was positioned right opposite the fake painted window on the front of the cottage.


If that could be replaced with a real window then the LED would be clearly visible. Now some people when thinking about new windows would be looking at curtain material and lace edging. Matilda was not that sort of a person, she was thinking about how best to smash a hole the front wall.  Matilda donned her safety glasses and removed the flower box to provide access. She drilled a hole in each corner and then used a cutting disk to join up the sides. Finally the edges were trimmed up to give a clean hole. Matilda was happy with the job.

Windows Cutout

New Windows

Matilda designed some new frames using OpenSCAD and these went through many iterations. The early versions barely looked like Windows at all and an alternative design for Windows 8 was terrible so she returned to a conventional design and Windows 10 turned out ok. She sent the designs off to the blacksmith to be assembled.


Frame source:

Frame model:



Remarkably the windows printed correctly first time and the best of the two examples was installed using contact adhesive.

Windows Printed

Windows Installed

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