A trip up the fell

Matilda looked serious, she was dressed in a boiler suit, boots and a hard hat, she was leaning on a pickaxe. "Do you remember that watch my father gave you as a wedding present?", Hans nodded and took it out of his waistcoat pocket. "Put it in the drawer", Matilda commanded "and your reading glasses". Hans put the items in the drawer. "Put on your gear and meet me out front". Hans put on his boiler suit, hat and boots and headed out. He was met by Matilda and Farmer Hogg who was pushing a wheel barrow. "Upt yonder fell", said Farmer Hogg, Hans looked blankly. Farmer Hogg muttered something under his breath and passed a scrap of paper with a hastily drawn map.


As they neared the top of the hill, Matilda brought out a compass and started wandering in circles. Suddenly the compass needle twitched and Matilda smiled. She cleared off the turf and almost immediately hit rock. She donned her safety glasses and raised the pick, thud, thud, thud, sparks, "bingo!" cried Matilda. The ore was shovelled into the barrow and wheeled down the hill to C.Defoe's builder's yard.


Matilda asked Mr Defoe for 4 diametrically magnetised disk magnets and the Golem smashed up the ore and squashed it into a disk under great heat and pressure. "I'll plate them and drop them around in the morning" said Mr Defoe. The next morning the magnets were delivered with instructions to take care not to trap their fingers between two magnets. The diametrically magnetised magnets ensured that Hans and Matilda would remain facing in the right direction.

Diametrically Magnetised

Diametrically Magnetised Magnets


Magnet Holders

The initial thought was that the magnets could be attached to the mechanism using Sugru, however Matilda realised that this was a rubber compound and would cause friction.


There was a nylon bar that could be machined for a housing but that would be problematic to glue to the base / magnets. So a magnet housing was designed for 3D printing that could be clipped/glued onto the mechanism, ABS rubbing against the wood would run quite smoothly.



Hans and Matilda's platforms were carefully milled by hand so that magnets could be added to those too.


The magnets were test fitted in preparation for a full system test.


Thanks to Eric Styles from First4Magnets for advice on the right type and strength of magnet.


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