The Genie has finished his renovations and is ready to show off his new crib, unfortunately he went on vacation and will not be able to show any pictures or videos until he returns home, but he has decided to release a listing of the house for all who are interested to see the new things that he has done to his new pimped out crib. Unfortunately the code is too long to post here, and I will add a link to pastebin here. I have also created a library that does a very similar thing to what I have done in my code and you can find it on my GitHub page.


I have really enjoyed this experience, and am so glad that this amazing community has given me the chance to explore something I have a passion for. All my competitors are so helpful and friendly, and I just love the atmosphere here, so thank you to all for this amazing opportunity and I hope to see you all again in future challenges or roadtests! And stay tuned for pictures and videos to come!!