This is the last week of the challenge

The hardware and software are almost completed, so it's time to build the real hat. In a previous post, I started building some parts of the hat.

First of all, I cut out from plywood a circle that will be the brim of the hat. I then fixed the blood pressure measurements device to the plywood using some self-tapping screws



Then I covered everthing with a fabric. It's not very fashion, but that's what my mother has in house




I then attached the brim to the cone that contains all the electronics




You can clearly see the LEDs that make up the mouth and the small speaker

Here is more detailed view of the electronic components inside the hat




Just to recap:

  • Arduino Yun - Atmel side takes care of sampling sensors (temperature, FSR, finger present, pulse)
  • Arduino Yun - Linino side: runs NodeJS, implements Text-To-Speech by invoking a webservice, get Harry Potter-related quotes by invoking a web service
  • Arduino Mini Pro: controls servos and mouth's LEDs


Then I fixed (with some hot glue) the temperature sensor to the baseball cap (trust me: it doesn't hurt when you wear the hat)




Using the same fabric, I cut out a sort of one that covers all the electronic components. Here is the final result