Whilst Hans was coding Matilda was fine tuning the mechanism and finishing the housing. When the magnet housings had been tested their positions had put Hans and Matilda a bit far back into the cottage. The magnet carriers were redesigned so that the holes were towards one end, that would move the positions forward by about 7mm and the coverings for the holes turned out not to be needed so those were removed to reduce printing time.


Due to their simple design and shape they printed first time with no issues.


However not everything was so simple. After quite a few failures the spacers for supporting the Yún and shields were printed successfully by lying the models down, reducing the printing speed and printing at 1/2 speed for the first few layers. Also a brim was added as the footprint was quite small.

Spacers Printing


The final challenge for the printing was two buttons for the top panel. These went through several iterations and failed prints but eventually a design was created that fitted the panel and printed successfully. The small bobble on the stalk stops the buttons falling out when you turn the panel upside down.

Wifi and Power Buttons


The key lessons learnt here were not to have features too close to the edge, the printer can handle thin slots but not thin solid, adding a brim helps give a crisp edge and when printing the first layer don't make it too thin and print it slowly.

Button Success

There was a little clean up of the wifi logo needed but the power button was simply a case of removing the brim.


Source code and models: https://github.com/Workshopshed/EnchantedObjects/tree/master/Mechanics


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