Unfortunately, I was unable to create a video to show you guys how beautifully my magic lamp was working. When I asked the genie to come out and play today he instead thought to introduce me to some magic smoke, and like that he was gone (In other words, my Infineon RGB  Shield went BOOM!). But I had a blast working on this project. I have a quick, very pathetic, mock up of what the final thing would look like.



The big box around the shield and Arduino is the 3D printed container. The finished product was very simple for any user to use. You only needed to know very basic things about Arduino to get started, (I tested it on my mother). All you needed to know is how to setup the Yun to connect to your home WiFi and how to upload a sketch onto the board. After that was done, the lamp would run on its own. I started looking into possibly even preloading the sketch to the board, but didn't get too far with that. The case I printed was Ivory, and I thought about taking it further and painting it oak, or different colors that matched the surrounding environment. The LED was placed on an Edison screw in bulb, so it fit in most household lamp sockets, however, you'd have to "plug" the lamp into the shield rather than straight into the wall. It was also relatively cheap, other than the case (but I got to print it for free! ).


Arduino Yun$55.01
Infineon RGB Shield$23.90
LED Chip and Bulb$20.00
Edison Screw In$15.00


And a lot of these costs can really be lowered depending on what you have already, and whether or not you really need to use the Yun. But I feel as though this product meets the requirements. I believe that it does as intended, even though I unfortunately have no proof other than this screenshot .

I also believe, as I stated before, and my mother would agree, that it is very easy for a non technical person to use. However, the price is a little steep for a lamp, but as I stated it wouldn't be incredibly hard to adapt it some to make it much more cost effective. Also when you realize that it can also act as an alarm clock with a strobing feature at the designated time you wish to wake up, this price begins to be more realistic. And when properly cased, or placed, this would last a one a very long time, I see it as incredibly durable, well it was , but also aesthetically pleasing. I wish I had pictures and videos for you all, and I may later, but for now I believe this to be a farewell, hopefully a see you soon. I had a great time and appreciate all of you! Look forward to seeing the out come of these other projects and who is announced the winner!