The cottage was disassembled so that the base could be painted matt black. This is an old magician's trick to draw the eye away from the base and hidden mechanism underneath.


The top panel electronics were also put together with another bit of stripboard, a couple of buttons and a 3 way connector.

2015-06-21 20.40.45.jpg

This was then glued to the top panel using some blobs of Sugru, of course it's best if you can avoid gluing your electronics into the product as it makes the whole thing harder to service. Given that it's the final week of the project, it's not appropriate to redo the whole of the top panel. Retrospectively it would be better to design some supports and slots into the top panel so that the board could simply be pushed into place.

2015-06-21 21.14.37.jpg

As with pretty much all of the connectors, this one had to be bent at right angles so that there was space for the connector to be fitted. For future projects perhaps some preformed right angle connectors would be a good idea.


The top panel was added to the cottage and the buttons were tested.


The newly printed magnet carriers were fitted, and the magnet holders glued on top ensuring the correct orientation.

MagnetCarriers2 (2).jpgMagnetHolders.jpg

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