When I met up with shabaz and mcb1 the other evening they asked if I was excited about going to the New York Maker Faire. The answer is "not yet". Part of the reason for that is I'm still thinking about the logistics aspect, where can I get my dinner, how do I get from the airport to the hotel etc. I'm also still in my denial phase, not quite believing that I'm actually going!! Also there was not much to go-on for the Maker Faire website.


Today I saw a report from the Bay Area Faire and there was some amazing projects so I checked the Maker Faire site again and there are some details now available. It's beginning to become real for me.




World Maker Faire – 6th Annual

New York Hall of Science, Queens

September 26 & 27

Saturday and Sunday 10AM – 6PM







The overall programme for the New York Faire has not yet been posted but there are some heavy hints in the form of who the sponsors are and some of the makers who have already signed up.





Meet the makers



Free Tickets

If you live in the New York area and want to get yourself some free tickets, then you can sign up to promote the show as part of the New York Street Team


Maker Faire Bay Area reports