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Enchanted Objects

5 Posts authored by: coolbox

Enchanted Window - Video

Posted by coolbox Jun 24, 2015
Here I want share Video about my project:   ...

Enchanted Windows

Posted by coolbox Jun 24, 2015
Hi, Here,I want to post some update about may Enchanted windows project. I was able to control window using arduino yun’s wi-fi.I was not sure about a actual window so I have tried with thermo Cole model.   Here I have used 150 RPM DC geared motor with Infineon DC motor control shield.pic connections are: Digital 2 in yun -> IN1 in motor shield Digital 3 in yun -> IN2 in motor shield INH1 and INH2 were connected to 5V in yun. Also I have shorted GND of Infineon shield and y ...
I want to control windows using arduino.I got Tinkerkit servo in competition kit.But I just found another good solution,I found a 10 RPM 12 V DC geared which has pretty nice torque.So,need to make decision between this two.What are your suggestions?     ...

Working with yun

Posted by coolbox May 31, 2015
Hello friends   I was trying to getting started with arduino yun.I was able go get it on my laptop's wi-fi.Then I tried to re-configure it using because arduino.local was not working.After re-configuring it showed that arduino is being restarted.But I cannot find it in my wi-fi panel after restart is it normally happen or arduino will connect my assigned network.   Regards, parth ...
First of all I want to thanks element14 and sponsors for selecting me as competitor in this awesome competition. Here I want to share some ideas about my project enchanted windows.       1) It can be opened or closed remotely from anywhere. All the windows and curtains in our house can be closed by a single button in our mobile app, when we are leaving from home. Also we can know status (open or close) of any window.       2) It can we used as morning alarm. Window ...