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Enchanted Objects

1 Post authored by: lbittner

It turns out that element14 is not the only place where people are talking about making ordinary, or obsolete, objects extraordinary, enchanted objects.

(Hint: Take a look at our Enchanted Objects Design Challenge and what our challengers are promising.)

There's a new, free app in town from Camio, a new business.  It magically makes old Android or iphones into Internet friendly surveillance cameras.

Image result for old smartphones

This is one of many new persectives on the Internet of Things. This app doesn't incorporate sensors into the things/objects/appliances that are around us to track data.

It uses an obsolete object to understand the events taking place in a certain location. If you have an account, you can watch the video that the app stores from anywhere.

Maybe you want to know what your pets are doing, where you parked your car or do a study on your own habits;)


Have you tried it out? Does it interest you? We want to know.