Did you pick the odd one out?

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There is no odd one out.

These are all energy harvesting sources that have been successfully used.

     The Car Fridge is Thermal Energy Generator Source

     The Electric Drill is an Inductive Energy Source

     The Electronic Cymbal is a PiezoElectric Source

     The Drum Synthesiser is a Current Loop Source


The wires coming out of the each device are tap points that I have attached to harness the energy without affecting the original function of the devices.

  • The fridge was used in reverse. I put in an ice block into the fridge. This created a temperature difference and thus thermal energy was generated and harvested.
  • The cordless drill was used in reverse and I used its electric motor and gearbox as a dynamo to generate inductive energy via it magnets and coils. A single crank on the chuck by hand is sufficient. 
  • The cymbal was beaten hard and repetitively to generate piezoelectric energy that was harvested. The harder one hits the cymbal the more voltage and energy is produced.
  • Although not the odd one out it is an unusual choice. The Rhythm Sequencer(Drum Machine) has a MIDI interface (which is a current loop interface).