There are many ways to skin a cat. Some are simpler than others.

After some familiarisation with Simplicity Studio I have found and even easier way to open, build and test the examples.

Here's a silent video of the process.


All you need to do is;

     Click the Examples tile in Simplicity Studio under the caption Software and Kits.

     Select your Development Kit (in my case STK3700).

     Select the example project you wish to open and build.


From here your selected IDE will open and you can download and debug.


Enjoy (This is best viewed in full screen mode).




For those who have not installed Simplicity Studio here is a short summary of the examples provided for the STK3700.

blink                 Blink example.

burtc                 Backup power domain RTC example.

clock                 Wall Clock example using the segment LCD.

emlcd                 Energy Modes with segment LCD example.

emode                 Select a single energy mode, and stay there.

energy                Board Support Package API for voltage and current.

inttemp               Internal temperature sensor example.

lcd                   Segment LCD controller example.

lcsense               LC sense example using LESENSE

lightsense            Lightsensor example using LESENSE

mpu                   Memory Protection Unit example.

nandflash             Nandflash example.

powertest             Power test example, running demonstration of energy modes.

rtx_blink             Keil RTX RTOS - Blink example.

rtx_tickless          Keil RTX RTOS - tick-less example.

touch                 Capactive touch example.

ucos2_port            uC/OS-II RTOS on EFM32 using example.

ucos3_port            uC/OS-III RTOS on EFM32 using example.

usbhidkbd             USB HID keyboard example.

usbdmsd               USB Mass Storage Device example.

usbdphdglucometer     USB PHDC (Personal Healthcare Device Class) example.

usbdvud               USB Vendor Unique Device example.

usbhenum              USB device enumerator example.

userpage              Progamming and use of user flash page for data.


To date, I've tried the following examples with complete success;

blink          This is the just another "Hello World" for microcontrollers and  can be used as a template for new Giant Gecko projects.

clock          This displays the time on the LCD.     

inttemp        This is preloaded thermometer application on the Giant Gecko.

touch          This is a great demonstration of the Giant Gecko's capacitive sensing slider bar.

lcsense        This is a great demonstration of the Giant Gecko's metal detection.

lightsense     This is a great demonstration of the Giant Gecko's light sensing.