1. This proposed experiment verifies the function and performance of Inductors with different values in the RF Transmitter and Receiver Circuit.



2. Experiment Circuit and System Block Diagram

2.1 Software Defined Radio normally use specially designed chip and component like FPGA. With improved performance general MCU like Cortex ARM core of M0 or M4 with limited Hardware resources can do similar job. As,

2.2 Features of Software

Without boosting performance of FPGA or speciall RF chip, general-purpose MCU shall be with minimum parameters like,

    1. ADC at least 750k FPS or 1M FPS. According to Nyquist Sampling Theorem, the higher the better.

    2. 16bit ADC , fairly new feature instead of 12 bit ADC before.

    3. High Performance Fast Fourie Transformation like CMSIS-NN or powerquand. For example, in NXP-LPC55s69, powerquant can provide 512-matrix FFT calculation within 1 ms, less than 20 cycles.


2.3 Function of Inductors

Radio Frequency need well-selection of inductors. Anttenas.

In this experiement, Kemet Inductors shall be tested to verify the function and performance, lead to better understanding to Theory and Selection Guild to inductors.



3 Summary

In this experiment, function and performance of inductors shall be tested and recorded.

The final report includes summarized experiment results of Kemet Inductors and one project blog with code and how-to for this Software Defined Transceiver.