Experiment with magnetic component:-


Reducing transient noise in SMPS


About Myself: -

I run a business of manufacturing electronics goods for consumers and for trainees’ engineers. I faced this problem 15 years back when I was working on a microcontroller project. I have a degree of Information technology. In my curriculum, I was never taught about such issue I was facing. So, I decided to tackle this problem and I know a lot of fresh engineers who are new to electronics and alike faces the same problem. What I was facing 15 years back.


Problem: -

Most SMPS including your 5 volt mobile charger has transient noise (aka Switching noise components) at the DC side of it. The transient noise is cause due to Parasitic component and wiring inductance used . It is also know as high frequency ringing.


From the above diagram you can understand what ringing is. Because of this ringing most Linear or digital ic doesn’t work’s properly. While designing a system you need to define the permissible noise that would be input power supply to the system or to the ic.


what causes this noise ?

In a loop in which currents are suddenly turned on and off during switching, high-frequency ringing (switching noise) occurs due to parasitic components.


Solution: -

To reduce Switching noise component to permissible level of the system. So that the system works properly.


Tolerance of ripple voltage:-

ripple tollerance

Experiment that I will perform:-

  1. Check whether the noise can be reduced or not using ferrite component.
  2. Test system for permissible noise.