3D Printed Mount


As the title of my project describes, I would like to measure the vibrations of our apartment or its floor that is caused by our indoor exercise.

For this purpose I need to mount the sensor on the ground but unfortunately our apartment has a very thick carpet that is not allowing me to

mount the sensor properly on the ground. So I had an idea to design a legged 3d printed part for mounting the sensor. You can find the 3D

file here. And some images:


{gallery:autoplay=false,width=800,height=600} 3d Printed Mount

Sensor Mount: 3D printed and 4-legged mount.

Sensor Mount: 3D printed and 4-legged mount.

Sensor Mount: 3D printed and 4-legged mount.


This is not perfect. The legs are not sharp enough to go 100% through the carpet and also they are not strong enough.

Some sort of sharp steel leg would be perfect. I chose the distance between legs too short I believe. Because I need to

put some weight on it to push it to the ground but the mount is so small that the weight is sliding and sometimes causing the vibration.


My Measurement Setup


In order to be able to measure the vibrations around the apartment I made the following setup.

Here I have

  • the Nucleo board connected to Jetson Nano.
  • The Nucleo board sends the sensor readings to Jetson nano via UART.
  • Sampling rate is 1kHz,
  • There is a jupyter server running on the Jetson nano that I can access it from my desktop.




Here is a demo of the remote jupyter server on the Jetson Nano. On the right side you can see the jupyter client

on my desktop that captures the measurements and plot data. I am using Bokeh library for plotting which is very

cool python library.


Sorry for the bad quality of the camera recording on the left side. It is also a bit laggy. It uses WiFi to stream the

video to obs-studio. I am using droidcam-obs plugin with obs-studio to capture the video of my android phone

and simultaneously recording my desktop screen. It is really fantastic that it is possible to record the android's cam on PC remotely.





Developing Notification Logic

As a reminder about my goal, I would like to develop a system that notify me if I am creating

too much of vibration and noise that would annoy the neighbors who are living in the apartment below

our apartment. Till now I have the measurement setup. Here, in the following video I am doing

few measurements and analyse them and I describe which logic I am going to use and show a quick

demo that it is working . I am quite happy with the results. This is the first time I am using FFT for

some practical project .




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