Forget Me Not LogoMany thanks to all who applied for the Forget Me Not Design Challenge.  We have had applications from all over the world, from Brazil to Belgium to Bangladesh and back.
With 245 pages worth of applications (totaling over 83000 words) it hasn't been easy to decide on the challengers.  However, we have selected 15 applicants to receive the full kit which is comprised of -
  • Raspberry Pi Model B Plus
  • EnOcean Pi & Sensors
  • Tektronix TBS1202B-EDU Oscilloscope
  • A $500 budget for additional parts
  • CadSoft Pro License
These lucky 15 are:
  • Mark Beckett
  • Abhijit Bose
  • Ravi Butani
  • Jonathon Caywood
  • Monte Chan
  • Ambrogio Galbusera
  • Kimmo Huoman
  • Hendrik Lipka
  • Pascal Martin
  • Jay Morreale
  • Inderpreet Singh
  • Frederick Vandenbosch
  • Daniel Williams
  • Douglas Wong
  • Michael Wylie
We have also put together 5 basic kits which contain the following -
  • Raspberry Pi Model B Plus
  • EnOcean Pi & Sensors
These will go to the following competitors -
  • Todd Cowley
  • Linas Karpavicius
  • Jeremy Kuek
  • Vishnu Raj
  • Eric Tsai
Not Selected? No Problem!
If you weren't picked for the challenge, yet still want to participate, please buy a Raspberry Pi B Plus, an EnOcean Pi and an EnOcean Sensor Kit and start creating; please blog about your project on a weekly basis on the Forget Me Not group, tag your blog posts with "forget_me_not" and be sure to tell us all about your build.