Hi everyone.


Welcome to the forget me not challenge! It's great to see some of you are under way already and I thought I would just offer a couple of tips to help your blogs stand out.


1: Use images

Any diagrams, pictures of your work in progress and any other images you think are relevant will be helpful in letting the other competitors and the judges understand more about your project (If you use images that are not your own, please credit the source as this makes the word a fluffier place).

Here's one from user shabaz as an example...



2: Use Video:

If a picture tells a thousand words, then a video sings a song! Attach a video to your blog posting, which could be footage of your projects in action, or simply a quick video of your thoughts and even your frustrations with your progress (see this great example from Leslie Birch. It also might help your fellow contestants to give advice. You can easily embedd YouTube or other video code onto blog posts and if you get stuck, just ask support for help!



3:Ask for help

The contestants in the challenge have been selected for their excellent entries and for their breadth of experience and knowledge. Although this is a competition, it's also about you making you getting the best out of your project with the support of the element14 community and our partner suppliers. Make your questions really clear in the blog so anyone reading can see them. Also, don't forget our discussion forums which are useful for getting answers.



Image from bbb.co.uk


4: Use Links and Tags

If you mention other users, areas of our site and products in your blog then readers will find it useful if you include links to them. You can mention another user by using the @ symbol and then starting to type their name. Like when I mention our handsome and talented community support lead element14Dave. Most importantly, make sure you tag all your content with Forget_Me_Not like you can see on the bottom of this blog.




5: Share on Social Media

Once you have finished your blog, share it with the world and mention us, so we can share it too! You can find a list of Twitter handles including our supplier partners below. You can find element14 on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin. Make sure you use the hashtag #ForgetMeNotIoT in your posts.


element14: @element14

The Eclipse Foundation: @EclipseIoT

EnOcean: @EnOcean_en

OpenHAB: @openHAB

Tektronix: @Tektronix

Cadsoft Eagle: @CadsfotTech

The Raspberry Pi Foundation: @Raspberry_Pi



Thanks for reading and best of luck with your projects!