A lot of people are making these so I though I would too. So here is a list of the posts for the "Forget Me Not Challenge" and the description of what my project is. To summarize my project encapsulates modules for sensing and control of activities around the house. My thought process has been that any IOT application, in order to be successful, it must automated an activity so successfully that the user will not go back to manual mode. Keeping that in mind, I chose things around the house that we do manually but so tedious that if done manually, would be worth the investment. That is the thought process for product design and I think it works. I will update this test as we move along in time.


The Center Piece

The center of the entire design is of course the Raspberry Pi Running OpenHAB. It also has speakers and the EnOcean Pi. The picture is shown below.


The Design and Objectives

My objectives for the project are:

  1. To show how easy it is to use and customize OpenHAB. The flexibility of OpenHAB MUST be highlighted. Interfacing with Existing bindings, python, network based Arduino and a serial device show this.
  2. To demonstrate the ability of the EnOcean Modules to be customized as per application. The provided EOP 350 kit is awesome and shows how easily you can use the modules in your own appliance. It is a real IOT enabler.
  3. To solve a problem. These are the reason why the technologies survive and evolve.
    • To be reminded when we leave food outside the fridge
    • To monitor the LPG consumption, generate alerts when getting low and automatically order a new cylinder once empty.
    • To monitor the power consumption of an entire room. Save energy- save the planet.
    • To automatically control the Room AC when away and switch it on for convenience before we come back home.
    • To watch the weather and pull clothes from the clothes-line inside automatically if the weather begins to turn.
    • To have a tele-presence in the house to monitor GrandPa when we really miss him.
    • To do all the above and create a better world.


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