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Last week, I printed a clip to be able to attach the EnOcean sensors around the house.

In the comments, verrverr pointed me to a model of the rocker switch on the EnOcean website. I thought I'd give it a try.

I was also missing a clip for the magnet of the contact sensor, so I've designed and printed one as well.

Rocker switch

The model provided on the EnOcean website is a file with *.igs extension. I wasn't familiar with this format and I wasn't able to open the file with my current tools.

After some Googling, I found a discussion where a tool called "Rhino" is suggested in order to export the model to another format.

I downloaded and installed Rhino, exported the model as *.stl and imported it in Slic3r for conversion to gcode.


First, the model was printed as is, without modifications. The result can be witnessed below:

photo 5.JPGphoto 2.JPG



The switch is slightly bigger than the stock one, so I'd have to print two pieces to have a consistent unit.

Using the model as is, some parts came out very thin and fragile, like the hooks that clip onto the base unit.




Next, I tried modifying the model to obtain a more robust part. Original model on the left, modified model on the right.


I made every clip or push component larger in the hope to solve those issues.

photo (1).JPG


Most of the improvements work, but the clip to attach the switch to the center of the base unit is still too fragile as there isn't a lot of room to make it larger (without modifying the base unit).

I'll have to figure something out in order to make this switch even more robust. More tests to follow.





The last piece requiring a clip/holder is the magnet for the reed switch.


I kept the magnet holder very basic, just like the sensor clip. The magnet slides in the holder and there is enough tension to keep to magnet in place without making it too hard to insert.

enocean_magnet_holder.pngphoto 1.JPGphoto 2.JPG

As you can see, this one come out nicely from the first attempt.


I already mounted them to one of the doors. Now I won't need to go downstairs to check whether it's closed or not!

photo (3).JPGphoto (2).JPG



Stay tuned for more 3D printing in the weeks to come !