As I wait for the parts to be delivered, I started work on the case for the RPi. This is the center piece for my demo and with my limited carpentry skills, I set out to make a box. I usually start by making a 3D to scale model in Sketchup so I know exactly what I want. If it seems awkward, I change it. Here is a simple mockup that took 5 minutes!


Next is basically me cutting and scraping and gluing.

2014-08-16 20.52.32.jpg

2014-08-16 17.28.00.jpg

2014-08-16 17.28.14.jpg

2014-08-16 19.48.24.jpg

2014-08-17 13.02.30.jpg

2014-08-17 14.57.13.jpg

2014-08-17 15.54.34.jpg




Right now I have a Lipo Rider Pro which allows me to make my system portable. I have a Microsoft Wireless mouse combo which works best and I dont like those mini keyboard things. (I have bigish hands and fingers) I thought I would make a class D amplifier and add speakers but I ended up just getting the USB powered speaks instead! Im gonna poster it with stickers of course but I have to make some minor changes so thats on hold. In the video I am using NMA for notifications and they work pretty well. The display is a 10.1" one with HDMI input at 1366x 768 res.


Will post more soon.



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