Firstly I want to thank the sponsors for enabling this Challenge.


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Tektronix have kindly provided 15 Educational series Oscilloscopes.

The surprise to everyone was that rather than the TBS1202B-EDU (200MHz), it was a TBS1052-EDU (50MHz)

The other issue before receiving this was UPS.

Christian and the Newark staff had ensured that the UPS documentation ensured any duties were to be charged back to Newark, but somehow the wrong wording was used in the UPS declaration documents, and I got a phone call to say the customs agent was holding it, pending duty and taxes.

Of course those calls are always on a Friday afternoon, so there is no chance of resolving it ... and despite the emails, no chance to talk with someone there.

Thankfully Christian and Walt at Newark were able to resolve it.


Of course they come with the wrong power plug.

Luckily the other end is standard, so a quick rummage around found another that has the right end on it.

This is one of the issues with sending gear designed for one country to another.

I have advocated that it would be better shipping the product from the local warehouse, which avoids delays, customs, incorrect power, and any warranty issues.


I have had the opportunity to fire up the scope and its a nice enough piece of gear, with a small footprint.

The first thing to check is the firmware version, and sure enough its a little behind.

They have included a very useful note inside and it all works to a point ....

You need to register with Tektronix before you can get the firmware, which includes lots of details inc address, phone number, etc.

(maybe just entering the serial number would be better)

The latest version is 2.52. (The scope displays "Version FV2.02" rather than Firmware 2.02 or FW2.02)

Once you've downloaded the 33.2 MB file (TBS1KB.TEK) and saved it, you'll need to copy it to the root directory of a USB stick.

I followed the instructions to upgrade the software, and got left in limbo.

It says to press Utility ...etc...etc and you end up with a help screen.

'Use the Multipurpose knob to scroll' it says at the bottom, and in the middle the last line is

"For detailed instructions on performing a firmware update, push exit."

The scrolling works but like the "any key" on a keyboard, there was no 'exit button' I could see.

Despite pressing the button marked 'Update Firmware' and 'Cancel' nothing seemed to happen, and getting out of the on-screen help was impossible without the magic key.

(it isn't mentioned in the manual either)

So after some prodding and poking I eventually decided it wasn't doing anything and removed the USB, took out the other files in the root directory and reinserted it.

This time it worked and it presented a blue text screen with updating don't remove or power off...etc.


So after a few minutes that screen finished and it asked for me to reboot it.

I don't usually resort to kicking test instruments, and since I hadn't kicked it in the first place, I wasn't going to again.

Eventually I decided the software person that wrote this meant to "Turn it Off and back on again"

When it re-powered and I checked it was showing Version: FV2.52


This scope is pitched at the lower end of the scale and for educational purposes, so maybe some documentation that suits this level is appropriate.

That means sitting a new user down with the instructions and seeing where they stumble.


The first thing anyone should do is check the probes are calibrated and showing a nice square wave.

You can press the "Probe check button" which states "The feature of probe check is not ready" ... well I was what do you mean.?

You'll need to press "Do Self Cal" which asks you to remove the probes  .. so that's strange.

Once you've let it do its thing connect the probe to the probe comp connection on the bottom right, and check for a nice square wave.



One thing that really surprises me is the noise that is present on the waveform.

I was expecting a 5v calibration signal to be clean, and noise free.

It doesn't get worse as you change the range, so I guess that its the quantising noise of the front end.


I have to admit I'm used to analogue scopes, so knobs and buttons that are slow to respond are new to me.

Sure this has lots of features my very old Hitachi 50Mhz scope doesn't, but it will take a while to get used to it.






On the other side though, EnOcean kindly added a EOP350 Programmer and TCM320 (868MHz), and for me a couple of HSM100 Humidity sensors.

Of course I only found out about the programmer after I ordered one.

I ordered 315 MHz modules as this was one of the choices on the New Zealand website.

However it seems that both programmers come with 868MHz modules, and that won't work with my 315 MHz units.

I'm still waiting on the EnOcean Pi and sensor kits, and despite several prompts, I'm not sure where they are.

(I have checked and they are 315MHz which is some relief)

So four weeks after announcing the winners, I'm still spinning my wheels with some things I can do and nothing I can use to check, because the main component isn't here.

I have no doubt that these are great devices, but the element14 stocking, descriptions and what you can purchase needs some serious attention.

Between the New Zealand/Australian, Singapore, UK and Newark sites there is inconsistency beyond what is legal to use in each country.

EnOcean do stock and can supply, so why it takes so long and is so vague is beyond me.

These challenges are great and I'm sure that everyone behind the scenes is working very hard, but its a tad annoying when some have had their parts for nearly three weeks.


In the meantime I'm off to sharpen a chainsaw, so I wouldn't suggest knocking on my door trying to sell something, it might get messy.