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This morning (early) the rural delivery person left me a rather large box.

My daughter thought I had great physic powers when I suggested I knew what it was  (.... without the shaking like they do at Xmas time)


Inside was this very nicely gift wrapped minion.




These minions are very pesky creatures, so to ensure there were no issues he was restrained during his trip.






As is the custom when visitors arrive after a long trip, we offer them a drink.

Tim was no exception, he had made a long tiring trip fastened in a box ....


     You can see the excitement in his face ...




Unfortunately, the combination of tiredness, alcohol and general excitement at his new home, only caused him to be in a near constant conversation.

Especially it seems when anyone goes past, he'll just start making noises.!


Since my wife is used to 5 year olds at school, she decided to have a conversation with him.



At about this stage he broke into song, and ignored everything she said.


He's been like it all night ...someone goes past and he'll start conversing with them.




Welcome to the family Tim, but just remember I still have the box ...



My thanks to element14 and Christian for his thoughts of adding Minions to the Challenge.

I wonder how long before we see someone hacking one .....