Hello and thank you to all the competitors in the Forget Me Not Challenge. We are now at the finale of the Minion of the Week
Minion of the Week #5
It hasn't been at all easy to figure out who should get the final Minion of the Week, we have had a great many excellent blogs over the past seven days.  And indeed, it would be ideal if we could recognise everyone with a minion of their own.
Having said this, the winner of the coveted Fireman Minion is -
Fireman Minion
...Michael Wylie, in particular for the progress he has made on his watering system.  Many congratulations!
And now, just as a reminder: final entries for the challenge must be published by the end of Friday, October 24th.  Thanks again and best wishes to all the competitors as they endeavour to win the Grand Prize.
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