This post is not really for my challenge. but struck me as being another product looking to be hacked ....


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LPG Level

While I was purchasing some products in a local electronics retailer, I spotted this.





I knew Inderpreet  ipv1  was looking at measuring his LPG tank, and because this was so cheap, I had to buy it.


I've done nothing more than opened it and take the photos. (click on them for full size)


DSC_4719.JPG  DSC_4721.JPG  DSC_4722.JPG

The unit takes AA batteries , and the metallic portion on the rear is magnetic.


A closer look inside


DSC_4726.JPG  DSC_4726crop.JPG


It appears to have a PIC 12F675 chip which drive the two ultrasonic transducers and then the LED's and speaker when the level is low.

Just what R6 does is anyone's guess.


I got curious so I put it on our Bottles.

Its not extremely loud (I wasn't able to simulate the drop in level), and the LED's only briefly flash.


It's designed for a BBQ rather than fixed cooking bottles, but could be modified to add a small RF device.

I'm also not sure what the local insect population would make of the new home, and I'm certain it wouldn't take long for something to take up residence.



They are distributed by Electus

Electus Distribution



Enough distractions back to me challenge.