This is just an text only update post to inform you of my current progress.

The Raspberry Pi in combination with openhab is quite a powerful combination. Thus far I have managed to get openHAB up and working well.

Amongst other things I've got it:

  • Working with RPi GPIO Output Pins
  • Responding to RPI GPIO Input Pins
  • Sending emails on demand
  • Capturing images using the Rpi Camera
  • Controlling a remote PTZ Web Camera (Pan, Tilt and Zoom)
  • Recording video footage
  • Controlling and playing musing on my Squeezbox media players
  • Monitoring Alarm switches
  • Scheduling events
  • Controlled wirelessly from an iPad


and combinations thereof - for instance

  • Press a doorbell, an image is captured and is sent out as an email
  • Select a tune from an iPad and play music on demand.
  • Hooking up motion sensors to trigger sequences of activities.


It's a great foundation and from the experience gained thus far incorporating enOcean and other components should be doddle.