eLDERmon  EnOcean Sensors


This post follows my last post on sensors.

Since I had run out of time before Christopher's Weekly update, I had to publish it.



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eLDERmon  EnOcean Sensors


In my last post I was eluding to the lack of information about the types of sensors, and what term to use for each.

My search tonight has uncovered the information and rather than edit the previous post I thought it worth doing another.


Inside org.openhab.binding.enocean-1.5.1.jar is a second file java-enocean-library-0.0.1.jar this file holds all the key elements you need.







EEPTypeParameterUnitHeader 5misc
EEP_A5_02_05TemperaturSensorParameter.TEMPERATURENumberWithUnit(Unit.DEGREE_CELSIUS("°C")this.calculationUtil.rangeValue(db1, this.scaleMin, this.scaleMax, 255.0D, 0.0D, 3)));



Parameter.TEMPERATURENumberWithUnit(Unit.DEGREE_CELSIUSthis.calculationUtil.rangeValue(db1, 0.0D, 51.0D, 0.0D, 255.0D, 3)));
Parameter.ILLUMINANCENumberWithUnit(Unit.LUX("lx")this.calculationUtil.rangeValue(db2, 0.0D, 1020.0D, 0.0D, 255.0D, 4)));
Parameter.POWERNumberWithUnit(Unit.VOLTAGE("Volt")this.calculationUtil.rangeValue(db3, 0.0D, 5.1D, 0.0D, 255.0D, 2)));
Parameter.MOVEMENTContactState.values()[((db0 & 0x2) >> 1)];
EEP_A5_07_03OccupancySensorParameter.POWERNumberWithUnit(Unit.VOLTAGEthis.calculationUtil.rangeValue(db3, 0.0D, 5.0D, 0.0D, 250.0D, 2)));
Parameter.ILLUMINANCENumberWithUnit(Unit.LUXthis.calculationUtil.rangeValue(db2, 0.0D, 1020.0D, 0.0D, 255.0D, 4)));
Parameter.MOVEMENTParameter.MOVEMENTOnOffState movement = OnOffState.values()[((db0 & 0x80) >> 7)];
EEP_A5_09_05VOCSensorParameter.VOC_CONCENTRATIONNumberWithUnit(Unit.PPB("ppb - parts per billion")
EEP_A5_09_04CO2SensorParameter.CO2_CONCENTRATIONNumberWithUnit(Unit.PPM, co2)("ppm - parts per million")radioPacket4BS.getDb2()


So armed with this knowledge, I know know what to enter for my movement sensor

from this { enocean="{id=00:83:1D:FA, eep=A5:07:01, parameter=PIR_STATUS}" }  to this { enocean="{id=00:83:1D:FA, eep=A5:07:03, parameter=MOVEMENT}" }


Likewise I can try changing my Illumination

from this { enocean="{id=01:81:7B:88, eep=A5:10:03, parameter=ILLUMINANCE}" }  to this  { enocean="{id=01:81:7B:88, eep=A5:07:03, parameter=ILLUMINANCE}" }


So I'm off to try these new settings.