Expect the Unexpected

Doorbell 2.jpg

Figure 1. - A test picture taken by Rpi with OpenHAB when pressing a door bell.


I've been using Raspian Wheezy built on NOOBS 1.3.9 and today I ran a sudo apt-get update to synchronise it with some other Raspberry Pis and it broke things.

In particular the Pi Camera utilities stopped working.

This was resolved by running sudo apt-get upgrade.

This downloads a whole heap of files and takes a while to apply the upgrade but now the Camera works again!





Other Notes:

I could be imagination it but since the upgrade;

  • OpenHAB just seems a little slower starting up.
  • New messages are appearing in the OpenHAB logs


I've noticed that NOOBS was upgraded to 1.3.10 and the Raspian Wheezy is also updated both dated around 9 Sept 2014.


With IE11 - The openHAB classic UI pages are devoid of any Push buttons and can their display can cause havoc to the events table.

When displaying the page I was receiving zillions of push button events.

As soon as I shut the page down and restarted openHAB the issue went away.

No such problem exists with Firefox. (Nor iPAD)