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This weekend I started building the frame of my pet care system, which will hold all the different modules used over the past weeks.

I got some wood, screws, etc ... from the hardware store and started building. This is the progress so far.

Hopefully, I'll be able to unveil the final build before the end of the challenge


I had a rough idea in mind of what the build would look like, but no precise measurements.

Taking a piece of wood and some of the components, I sketched where I would place them.

The base ended up becoming a reasonable 36x36cm where I would use half of it for the bowls, RFID readers and load cells, and the other half for the two containers and the rest of the electronics.

I'm taking a step by step approach, keeping options open as I progress with the build.

photo 1.JPG


With some dimensions to work with, I started working on the front part of the build.

This part houses the following components:

- 2x RFID readers with Arduino UNO

- 2x scales with 1kg load cell

- 2x bowls

I cut the MDF to the correct dimensions using a table saw and created a basic box.

photo 3.JPGphoto 4.JPG

Fitting the weighing scales inside, I determined where to cut the holes for the two bowls.

photo 1-1.JPGphoto 3-1.JPGphoto 4-1.JPG

The dimensions are such, that the bowl will rest on the weighing scale, and not on the wood. This is obviously important in order to be able to weigh the contents accurately.

The hole's purpose is to keep the bowl in place above the scale and to keep it removable for washing.

I wasn't entirely happy with the quality of some prints, so I decided to redo them. I was able to resolve my lifting problems, so the new prints came out much nicer.

photo 5-2.JPGphoto 2-2.JPG

With the parts reprinted, I fitted them into the front part of the build.

photo 3-2.JPGphoto 3-3.JPGphoto 4-3.JPG

So this is where the front part stands now, what do you think ?




I'll be working on the back side of the build now, I hope to be able to post an update by the end of the week.